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pyrokinesis - geometry of darkness (2022) Album Download

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  • Artist(s) Name: pyrokinesis
  • Album Name: geometry of darkness
  • Producers: Cocktail Beats, DrunkLoudMusic, Eloquence Demure, S V M M E R S V D, unclebob & Вневесомости (Vnevesomosti)
  • Writters: pyrokinesis
  • Distributor: Believe Music
  • Label: Rhymes Music
  • Artwork: MFLAY & PNVM
  • Released Year: 2022
  • Source:

pyrokinesis (Andrey Pirokinesis, born December 16, 1995) is a Russian rap artist from Krasnodar, and this time, he embark on his music career to release this phenomenal album track titled “geometry of darkness” which is here for your pleasing audience and free MP3 download at our platform,

Geometry of Darkness is the ninth album by Andrey Pirokinesis (not counting the acoustic collection). The album’s track list contains 22 songs, which is a record number of tracks for an artist on one release (There were 17 songs on My Sweet Emptiness). Prior to this, Andrey’s albums were released every year, and now fans have been waiting for a new big release for a year and a half. According to Pyrokinesis, the album has been in the making since March 2020.

Geometry of Darkness is a concept release that explores the themes of madness and death. The release can be conditionally divided into semantic parts: death (and not an abstract concept, but a being), love, time, a meta-part of two tracks “I refuse the sky” and “Geometry of darkness”, as well as a postscript. An interesting narrative move was invented for the album – to make the outro the 19th track, and not the last, providing the track list with a “postscript” in the form of the last three tracks.

The album was announced along with the single “Whisper of Distant Stars” on August 5, but was postponed three weeks ahead due to the fact that the guys did not have time to mix all the tracks by the deadline.

Two singles were released before the album: “Whisper of Distant Stars” and “I Refuse the Sky”, which were perceived quite differently outside the concept of the release.

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pyrokinesis – geometry of darkness Plastik 3 Tracklist:

  • the praetor was right
  • gravitational rainbow
  • what if death is a being? (What if death is being?)
  • sealant
  • I only believe in the inevitability of evil (IOBIIOE)
  • chicken pox
  • amore amore (amore amore)
  • gentle electricity
  • only girls in jazz in jazz
  • cherche la femme (cherche la femme)
  • love a thunderstorm in early May (ILSIEM)
  • whisper of distant stars (whispers of distant stars)
  • edelweiss (edelweiss)
  • people hton non-existence (people hton non-existence)
  • tedious tales tedious tales tedious tales tedious
  • I refuse the sky (refuse sky)
  • geometry of darkness
  • time to go back (time to go back)
  • what separates a bird from a bat (WSBFB)
  • the stars all belong to the gods [P.S. “GEOMETRY OF DARKNESS”] (SABTG)

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pyrokinesis – geometry of darkness (2022) Download

geometry of darkness – pyrokinesis (2022)

album pyrokinesis – geometry of darkness

Download pyrokinesis – geometry of darkness (2022)

geometry of darkness – pyrokinesis Latest Album download

geometry of darkness – pyrokinesis Album


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