5 Ways to Keep Your Insurance Policy Active

Sometimes life happens, and our plans change with it. Increase in financial responsibilities, insurance-related documents are getting missing, or illness. All these can cause a policyholder to miss their insurance policy payment. Missing a payment could eventually lead to the policy lapsing- meaning one may lose the insurance coverage. Every business demands a subscriber make … Read more

Liability Insurance Explained

Liability Insurance protects an insured against negligence for damage to property or injury (including death) to a person. Therefore, business owners or professionals use it for protection against the cost of damages arising from malpractice or negligence. Liability risks are risks that a person or company can be vulnerable to and held accountable for. Many … Read more

Fire Insurance – What Is Covered in a Standard Fire Insurance Policy

Uncertainty is the nature of the world we live in. Natural disasters, flash floods, hurricanes, and fires are among the several hazards that can happen anytime. Fire is a significant threat to businesses. Therefore, without a fire insurance policy in place, the monies you’ll be incurring for repairs could leave you bankrupt and out of … Read more

Insurance Broker – What You Should Know

A professional insurance broker should assist you in recognizing and understanding your needs. Besides that, they’ll help you look for the best insurance proposals to meet your personal requirements. Also, the insurance broker will help you break down the terminologies insurance contracts have. Besides that, he or she will help to look after a smooth … Read more

Best Car Insurance Companies in Nigeria

Which Insurance company provides the best comprehensive car insurance in Nigeria? Let’s find out. The top Insurance companies in Nigeria hardly ever segment themselves into either one type of Insurance cover. They just do all of them. It may sound not so nice, but that’s good for you. You wouldn’t want to have your car insurance in company A. Then, … Read more

Top Insurance Companies in Nigeria

One of the reasons Nigerians buy insurance is to protect themselves in addition to their properties against unforeseen circumstances. These events can take up a large chunk of their finances, and they’d want to avoid that. Hence, the need for buying insurance.Insurance helps individuals and companies safeguard their investments and properties against potential risks that … Read more