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Talented Artist & Song writer Bad Bunny, returns with an exciting track titled, “La Corriente featuring Bad Bunny & Tony Dize“. Which Mixloaded made available for free streaming & mp3 download.

Bad Bunny & Tony Dize, has been on top of his game for so long, pushing to the top, and this is seen in this track (La Corriente).

La Corriente” was released to the public for the first time on May 4, 2022, the day Bad Bunny revealed the list of songs, cover art and back cover of UN VERANO SIN TI, through his social networks.

Before this song was officially announced, Benito released a very brief preview of it through her Instagram account, posting it on the morning of May 4 in his stories. This would be the first collaboration between both Puerto Rican artists, which due to the small advance provided by the artist, we are certain that it is a reggaeton with heavy basses, but at the same time melodic.

It is worth mentioning that -at least- until May 2022, Tony Dize suffers from a ban on officially releasing music on digital platforms and being able to profit from it using his stage name, due to legal problems with his former manager and president of his former label. , Raphy Pina, who claims that Tony owes him a whopping $4 million USD. This is why some fans have been struck by how this featuring took place and what agreement the parties involved reached to make the launch of “La Corriente” possible, a question that will remain unanswered until official information is released.

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Bad Bunny & Tony Dize – La Corriente Lyrics

[Letra de “La Corriente”]

[Intro: Tony Dize]
La melodĂ­a con la calle
Tony Dize

[Pre-Coro: Tony Dize & Bad Bunny]
Baby, dame la señal
Si me sigues mirando asĂ­ te vo’a besar, te vo’a besar (Te vo’a besar)
Si es contigo no lo tengo que pensar (No, no)

[Coro: Tony Dize & Bad Bunny]
Porque tĂș no eres como otra’, no
TĂș eres diferente (Eh, eh)
Viviendo la vida loca
Siempre en contra ‘e la corriente
Hace’ lo que a ti te dĂ© la gana, gana, ah-ah-ah
Siempre pichea’, meno’ si el perreo llama (Jeje), llama, ah-ah-ah (Ey, ey)

[Verso 1: Bad Bunny]
Quiero que tĂș me enseñe’, que sea’ mi teacher, jeje
Una bitch, una pitcher, ey
Lowkey, anda a switche, je
Loca que me la chi—
Ey, ey, la baby ya va pa’ treinta y se ve violenta, se ve violenta
Hace rato estĂĄ mirando, me di cuenta, ya me di cuenta, ah-ah
Ella sabe mĂĄ’ que tĂș, asĂ­ que no sea’ tonto, chico, no le mienta’, je
No te vivas la pelĂ­cula, que ella es la pelĂ­cula y de las que no se renta
Sube ese culo y to’s comentan
Una bad bitch, girl de lo’ 90
Esa carita agridulce es la que me tienta
Una picky, una menta
Pa’ mamĂĄrtela y rompĂ©rtela
Bajo pa’ tu cancha y wachartela
Si tu amiga quiere, ve, invĂ­tala
Ve, invĂ­tala, que se va a hacer

[Coro: Bad Bunny]
Pero yo no quiero a otra, no
TĂș eres diferente
Si tĂș fuera’ una ola, pues que me lleve la corriente
TĂș hace’ lo que a ti te dĂ© la gana, gana, ah-ah-ah
Siempre pichea, meno’ si el perreo llama, llama, ah-ah-ah (Ey)

[Verso 2: Tony Dize & Bad Bunny, Ambos]
TĂș eres de las que sale
Tarde en la noche, pero sin dejarse ver (No, no)
Se dejĂł y no va a volver (Nah, nah)
Ahora estĂĄ mejor soltera
Sale sin hora de llegada, no le dicen nada
Hace lo que quiera (Hace lo que quiera)
La calle prendĂ­a’ en candela (Ey, ey)
Y en vez de enfangarse, prefiere a solas tocarse, eh, eh
Parece colombiana, le dicen “la parce”
No necesita un hombre pa’ ticket buscarse
Ella se la vive bailando, oh, oh
Tiene a to’ la disco mirando, eh, eh

[Coro: Tony Dize & Bad Bunny]
Porque tĂș no eres como otras, no
TĂș eres diferente (Ey, ey)
Viviendo la vida loca (Viviendo la vida loca)
Siempre en contra la corriente (Ey, ey)
TĂș hace’ lo que a ti te dĂ© la gana, gana, ah-ah-ah
Siempre pichea’, meno’ si el perreo llama, llama, ah-ah-ah

[Outro: Bad Bunny]
Yeah-yeah, ey, je
Bad Bunny, baby
Be-be-be-bé, jaja
Ey, ey, Tony Dize
Tony Dize, jeje
La melodĂ­a con la calle
La melodĂ­a con la calle
Bad Bunny, baby, be-be-brrum
Ey, ey

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