EST Gee – I Won’t Let Em’ Kill Me

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  • Artist(s) Name: EST Gee
  • Song Name: I Won’t Let Em’ Kill Me
  • Album: I Never Felt Nun
  • Produced By: FOREVEROLLING, TooDope, DJ Moon, GodBoyDinero & Higherside
  • Written By: EST Gee, FOREVEROLLING, TooDope, GodBoyDinero, Higherside & DJ Moon
  • Distributor: Universal Music Group
  • Label: CMG The Label & Interscope Records
  • Released Year: 2022
  • Genre & Category: Rap
  • Source:

George Albert Stone III (born May 11, 1994), known professionally as EST Gee, is an American rapper. He is signed to Yo Gotti’s Collective Music Group (CMG)Interscope Records and Warlike. His fifth mixtape, Bigger Than Life or Death, released on July 21, 2021, and peaked at number 7 on the Billboard 200. It spawned the Billboard Hot 100-charting songs “Lick Back” and “5500 Degrees“. A deluxe edition of the mixtape was released on December 3, 2021. He played college football at Stephen F. Austin, and this time, he embark on his music career to release this phenomenal track titled “I Won’t Let Em’ Kill Me” which is here for your pleasing audience and free MP3 download at our platform, is committed to providing you with quality content and we will always do that. Download and Listen to All the Latest Nigerian, American, South African and other songs on for free. Thanks. And don’t forget to comment on your thought in the comment box below.

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EST Gee – I Won’t Let Em’ Kill Me Lyrics

How much love?
I’ma buy it all

How much love could a nigga buy for a million?
Streets sayin’ they miss me, I admit it’s been a minute
Can’t get ever with me ‘less you took somethin’ from the livin’
Stack it up to lose it in one load, I know the feelin’
Losin’ everything you ever known, I know the feelin’
Losin’ every love you ever known, I know the feelin’
I know how it go, she a ho, ain’t no kissin’
And if you fuck around, we gon’ notice the itchin’
Put his nose in the business, told him “No”, he ain’t listen
Couple years ago, just me and Zone had the switches
Orderin’ the beef, I made it snow in the trenches
And silence is commended, so I hold my opinion
All I know is back when I had ‘bows, they was spittin’
Them rappin’-ass niggas, y’all been doin’ this attention
Niggas local rap to you and I’m a con gang bender
I’ma rob me a nigga ‘fore I ever get to finish
I ain’t ever finished winnin’, I ain’t trippin’ what a ho’ll say
I done lost my rent money for a month tryna cook oil base
Hopin’ that my brodie get it to me for a lower rate
I been takin’ Chinese tens by fours, pain don’t go away
Yeah, ventin’ to my junkie while she buttered in from Mama Shawna’s
Told her one day I’ma be the richest nigga off Riata
And just for listenin’ to me, I let her hold the piece until tomorrow
She don’t know that she the only girl I trust except my mama
Watch her grab the seatbelt, wrap her arm up like an anaconda
Asked her why she do it, she said, “Somethin’ out here for everybody
And once you finally find it, you’ll take somethin’ close from anybody”
Read that and I cried too, we put them yeeks on everybody (Brr, brr)
Activation, can you be addicted to a dead body? (To a dead body)
I done dropped some tears over a casket of my man’s body
I know if you thump somethin’, right after, you can feel finally
I don’t know how I feel ’bout it, I’m tryna take the thrill out it
But I can’t
It’s somethin’ ’bout seein’ a nigga’s face get nailed to the pavement (Brr)
Different when I say it ’cause I really give out spankings
Reasons I can’t tell you, I don’t wanna put you in danger
I won’t let no bitch nigga kill me, I’m a gangster

I’m a motherfuckin’ gangster
I’m a motherfuckin’
Mmm, I won’t let no bitch nigga kill me, I’m a gangster
Mmm, really do this.


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