JID – Lauder Too ft. Ravyn Lenae

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  • Artist(s) Name: JID
  • Feautured: Ravyn Lenae
  • Song Name: Lauder Too
  • Album: The Forever Story
  • Produced By: James Blake, ​monte booker, Groove & Thundercat
  • Written By: JID, ​monte booker, Groove, Edmund Sylvers, James Blake, Ravyn Lenae, Leon Sylvers III & Thundercat
  • Genre: Rap/Hiphop
  • Released Year: 2022
  • Source: Mixloaded.com

Destin Choice Route (born. October 31, 1990), better known by the stage name J.I.D, is an American rapper from Zone 6, Atlanta, Georgia. He describes himself as “a soft-spoken but intricate lyricist with a cocky side.” His stage name originates from “jittery,” his grandmother’s nickname for him due to his sporadic behavior as a child, and this time, he Embark on his music career to release this whooping track titled “Lauder Too featuring Ravyn Lenae” which is here for your pleasing audience and Free MP3 Download on our platform, Mixloaded.com.

Continuing from the original “Lauder” track, we find a more experienced, more successful, and more introspective JID speaking about his internal struggles of the fame he has finally achieved. This is in contrast to the tracks’ precursor where JID would rap about his dream of going big. Now that he’s made it, he questions if this is even enough, while the industry simply demands more out of him. While he can’t resist his deep need to let his rhymes out of his mind and not leave them void, he wonders if people are really hearing these words for what they mean and not just taking it for pure entertainment.

This track contains many parallels from it’s prequel and serves as a true sequel in both content and ideals.

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JID – Lauder Too ft. Ravyn Lenae Lyrics

[Intro: JID]
Uh, tryna find a way to like, not overstep
But it’s really just me, yo
It’s somethin’, I gotta, whatever
Uh, look

[Verse 1: JID]
Pardon me but a part of me lookin’ for more
Givin’ my heart, my art, my artery, what do you want? More
Minority boy black, lookin’ for joy
They snatch it, lookin’ back, part I paint it for
But I’m tapped, I lap tap water and tap dance
In tabernacles before the Lord, the pattern is null and void
Not gonna void the words that come with the voice
Inside of my head, I’m sick of the noise
So be a bigger nigga, put your finger on the trigger
As you’re lookin’ at the mirror, mirror, mirror on the wall
And let that bitch rip ’til your backbone flip
And know the cracks don’t give no black fuck ’bout y’all
Just your ass, your hips, your lips, my dick tip, my black balls
Dribblin’ and dippin’ em in your jaw
Scribblin’ word rhymes, the crowd givin’ applause
But in my spirit, I feel it that they don’t hear me at all
Nigga, my nigga, look at the bigger picture, we flawed, okay, cool
You pickin’ up figures, nigga, we proud, you paid dues
But now you gotta do what you can and can’t abuse your power
Let’s come up with a plan and we pursue and devour
But don’t get shit fucked up
I be in the forefront with the .45, don’t front
Back then, right now, last week, next month
Backseat, shotgun, don’t run, got one

[Chorus: Ravyn Lenae]
Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm
Tell me, ain’t a thing, baby
Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm
No matter what you say, no matter what you do, get high
This shit is traveled, I’ll stand beside ya (Oh)
Demons, head in the battle
Mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm, mm-mm (Oh)

[Verse 2: JID]
Yeah, pardon me but a part of me lookin’ for more
Givin’ my heart, my art, my artery, what do you want? More
Majority push packs, they unemployed
Part of your past straps, the crack come in the stores, consume
Boarded windows, chosen boardrooms and bored negros
Nothin’ to do but war wounds and more vigils
Candlelight moon, the more women, the more widows
Lookin’ for food without a dude and four kiddos
But fuck it, I’m sick as fuck and I told you motherfuckers no recoverin’
Kickin’ up and I’m coughin’ and spittin’ legitimate love
Like a drug lord in the slums
Lookin’ for information on who the plug
On the black pipe, black gloves, black night, black baby
Go and keep it wrapped tight, give a brother a hug and not a slug (That’s why—)
If ever trouble should come, we never crumble
(That’s why we been down for life)
Got a weird feeling that enemies on the way
Give a little energy, anything motivates
Come around, namaste, now you down, don’t be afraid
Just keep that fear locked out
Come feel the love, feel the love right now
Feel the love, come feel the love, feel the love right now
Rain down, come feel the love, feel the love right now
Feel the love, come feel the love, come feel the love right now
Come feel the love, come feel the love
Come feel the love, come feel the love
Gotta feel, gotta feel the love, gotta feel the love right now

[Bridge: Ravyn Lenae]
Until the ocean dries and dies
Just rest assured the Sun will come
So close your eyes and ease your fears
Just let me whisper in your ear
Forever more, forever more
Ever more, forever more

Hm, hm-hm
Hm-hm, hm
Let go, let it go
Hm, hm-hm
Hm-hm, hm (Oh, oh, oh, hey)
Hm, hm-hm
Hm-hm, hm (Hey, hey, hey, oh, oh, oh, hey).


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