KkButTerFly27 Xx – CHIP SHOP (WHO IS SHE?)

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  • Artist(s) Name: KkButTerFly27 Xx
  • Song Name: CHIP SHOP (WHO IS SHE?)
  • Released Year: 2022
  • Source: Mixloaded.com

Highly sensational singer and songwriter KkButTerFly27 Xx, return with an impressive song titled “CHIP SHOP (WHO IS SHE?)?”. After long anticipation, Mixloaded made it available for free streaming and mp3 download.

Yet another song about the UK, this song follows the story of a slag who is trying to find a dealer for a ten bag. The lyrics are quite vague so the real meaning is unknown.

the beautiful melody was released on August 19, 2022. Credited & Produced By KkButTerFly27 Xx and Written By KkButTerFly27 Xx.

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KkButTerFly27 Xx – CHIP SHOP (WHO IS SHE?) Lyrics

[Intro: Marcus Bentley, Big Brother, Nikki Grahame and KkButTerFly27 Xx]
Nikki comes to the Diary Room
Hello, Nikki
I’m feeling very venomous and angry
How dare she vote for me, she doesn’t even know me!
She doesn’t even know who I am, what I’d like!
She’s never even spoken to me, won’t even give me the chance, she won’t even look at me!
Big Brother says you need to calm down
Who is she? Who is she?
Who is she? Where did you find her?!

[Verse 1: KkButTerFly27 Xx]
At the chip shop (Binley), lookin’ like a slag
Sucking on the manager’s dick for a fag
You got ten quid, lemme give you a shag
I’m looking for a dealer, imma need a ten bag
At the chip shop, waiting for the dealer
Hair up in a bun and my lipstick concealer
Then I hear my government
Yo, hey Kalila
Turn around outside
What’s good, my dealer?

[Verse 2: KkButTerFly27 Xx]
Tell me now what you got for me
Cause you know I don’t give gock gock for free
He said “I got the shit, shit so loud”
“Shit so loud could hear it in a crowd
I’m just there like damn
Getting fucked up really wasn’t my plan
But I have to stan
Now my mind gone like Madeline McCann

[Outro: Davina McCall and KkButTerFly27 Xx]
Hey, fancy another one?
Big Brother house, this is KkButTerFly speaking
You are live on air so please do not swear
The British public has been voting on who the biggest slag is
And it turns out
It’s fucking me!
I’m a little slag
I’m a little slag
I’m a little slag, yeah
I’m a little slag
I’m a little slag
I’m a little slag
I’m a little slag, yeah
I’m a little slag

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