The Best Trading Software You Can Get for Free

Within the past decade, the advent of commission-free trading has completely revolutionized the stock market. Today, many investors can’t even imagine what it must have been like in the 1970s when the brokerage fees on a single trade alone could cost hundreds of dollars. Love it or hate it, Robinhood completely transformed the market in 2013 by … Read more

What Is Presentation Software?

Presentation software is a type of computer application that allows the user to present information using text, images, audio and video content. The information is arranged in a slide show, which can be set to advance frames by clicking a mouse or to run automatically by timer. Presentation software is used in both educational and … Read more

15 Best FREE Code Editor & Coding Software In 2023

15 Best FREE Code Editor & Coding Software In 2023 [UPDATED] List and comparison of the Most Popular Online Free Code Editors for Windows and Mac Users to Improve Your Coding Speed: What is a Code Editor? Code editors or source code editors are software that is designed specifically to help developers with coding. These … Read more